Caleb Stanton from SocialSurvey speaking to Affiliates in Arizona.

Thank You For Attending

To all of our affiliates,

As we’ve now completed four of the five ASNOA Sales Conferences & Trade Shows, the team at ASNOA wants to give a huge thank you to every one of our affiliates and their staff who was able to attend our conferences. We had record numbers of attendees this year, which encourages us because it shows we have agents who are motivated and excited to grow. With our series nearly finished, we’re really excited about everything we were able to reveal this year, and hope that you are too.

We know that for many of you, your time is money, and time spent out of the office needs to be justified. With that in mind, our goal this year was to bring informative, relevant sessions to our affiliates to ensure that you left the conference with more ideas and tips that you could put into practice immediately. As one of our founders and owners, Ray Petrocelli, said at the Illinois event, “if all you do is chop wood, you never have time to sharpen your axe.”

At the conference, we revealed many new partnerships and solutions that ASNOA would be providing our agents, such as SocialSurvey, Agency Revolution, our new website development and brand consultation services, and many others. We also revealed new programs and platforms with carriers that appointed agents will be able to take advantage of moving forward to earn more money.

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We know there was a lot of information, so we’re making sure you hear it all more than once. For each of these programs, we will be sending out emails and publishing content that helps better explain everything coming your way, so make sure you are watching out for new webinars and reading your emails from ASNOA so that you know about every deal you could be taking part in! If you have any questions about new marketing deals or partnerships that were announced at the sales conference, you can always reach out to the Marketing Department; if you have questions about the carriers, please reach out to Agency Services, or Michael Petrocelli, VP of Profit.

As a small thank you, here are some links to pictures taken at the events. See if you can spot yourself in any of them! We will also be releasing video content soon from the events so that you can see yourself in action too!

As always, our goal is to bring you more money, more freedom, and more opportunities to grow your independent agency the way that you want to. We hope you have enjoyed these events as much as we have.

Thank you all,

The ASNOA Team

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