Transparent Reporting

Get Paid for Each Qualifying Bonus

Qualifying for Carrier Profit/Loss Requirements

So, what do we mean when we say ASNOA follows individual carriers’ profit and loss requirements to qualify your agency. And why does this make us so unique as a network?

Most networks set a standard requirement across the board to qualify for any carrier bonus. Not ASNOA. We know you may perform really well with one carrier on in a given year, but not so well with a different carrier and so forth. We don’t want to punish you for that because we know you’re working your tail off to earn your business.

As a result, ASNOA agents get paid for each bonus they qualify for, simple as that. And, as the bonuses are calculated, we provide a clear report showing each agent what bonuses they qualified for and which ones they did not. At ASNOA, you can expect transparency.

You may find an example report below: