Insurance Agent Networking Tips

Networking Tips for Insurance Agents

Insurance agents struggle with generating leads, particularly new ones. Even if you are already an established agent, you always need more new leads. In person networking is the great way to create additional new leads, to your already other lead generation tactics.

Why is local networking important for insurance agents? Here are the reasons why:

  • It allows agents to build relationships with the community they are working with.
  • It helps generate leads even in an over-saturated market.
  • It lets agents make connections with the industries that they are directly in business with.
  • Networking is beneficial for overall business growth.

Now that you know the importance of networking, it is now time to get started. But before you do, you must first learn networking tips for insurance agents by heart. Check out these tips:

  1. Set your goals

Having clear goals allow you to move surely and achieve the results you need. Make criteria of networking activities. Don’t settle for low goals, but also keep your goals achievable and realistic. Your goals may include the collection of business cards, adding LinkedIn connections, and the like. As a tip, don’t focus more on actual sales, but on getting leads.

  1. Describe the ideal client you’re looking for.

As an agent, you must know that you cannot just sell insurance to anyone. You need to have the ideal client. This narrows down your target and increases your chances of actually getting a client. This is why it is important that in networking, you need to describe the kind of client you need.

  1. Have the power to connect.

The number one skill that insurance agents must have is being a “connector.” You must have the ability to easily connect with people and reach out. This gives you power, control and authority. This is what’s needed in this profession.

  1. Start with small talk.

The first mistake that insurance agents make is being to aggressive. Don’t talk about everything all at once. Do not fill your prospective client’s head with much information all at once. Master the art of small talk. You can start with asking about the person’s interest, or let him talk about his business and the like. Through these, you will determine if the client is right for you or if he’s interested in your services.

  1. Use memorable handouts.

Try to be unique and creative. This will what set you apart from other insurance agents. Use memorable handouts and unique selling propositions. Just appear interesting to your clients.

  1. Keep notes on business cards.

The best way to remember the persons and your conversation is to make notes on the business cards. This allows you take note of the personal information about the person. This way, you will not just treat the person as a business connection, but as an individual. This will help you naturally connect with him and turn him into a client.

  1. Follow-up.

Connecting, talking, and taking notes are all for nothing if you don’t follow up. Make sure that you have a follow-up plan to everything. Try to keep in touch with your network through emails, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. This will not build the kind of relationship you need to generate more leads and be successful as an insurance agent

  1. Get Peer Feedback.

You might think that you are on the right track and doing great. While what you think of yourself and performance matters, it is important that you have a mirror check. The best way to find out if you really are doing well is to ask a feedback from your colleague. And don’t forget your client’s feedback too.

  1. Use technology and insurance software.

There are available programs that you will simplify your sales work. These IT solutions may prove helpful when utilized accordingly. These IT solutions will deliver the things you need, from documents, information to capability.

  1. Get the right support.

This is where insurance agents aggregators and support systems come in. With the right support, you will be able to expand your network better and compete against larger and more famous agencies. Aside from networking benefits, you will also be able to increase your actual sales and income.

Looking for an insurance agent support network? Check out ASNOA and let us help you grow your independent insurance agency and get more leads.

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  1. It’s good that you mentioned how the best independent insurance agencies rely on insurance agents aggregators to firm up their networks against bigger and more popular outfits. This is just the kind of network that my dad would be interested in should he decide to buy an insurance agency to add to his portfolio. This should come as an attractive option for him as an affiliate startup to jumpstart his downtown co-working space project. A fully supported agency system that runs on IT solutions would surely be a profit magnet.

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