Brad Jones at Trophy Insurance Solutions in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Member Spotlight: Brad Jones

Our member spotlight this month is Brad Jones at Trophy Insurance Solutions in Texas. Brad and his wife Randi are some of our newest affiliates, only becoming officially signed early in February. Brad brings with him award-winning experience and exactly the type of attitude that ASNOA looks for in agents — a focus on the client experience and improvement of both his agency and his customer service.

Brad didn’t start his career in insurance, but rather has a background working in landscaping, real estate, and the fire department in Wichita Falls, Texas. One constant has stuck with Brad through all of these experiences: his desire to improve and grow wherever he is working. In the next several years, he was able to grow his company to the second largest landscaping company in Wichita Falls, and also rose to the position of FEO at the local fire department. In 2013, Brad’s wife Randi began working at a captive company, and Brad started to learn in order to assist her. After a short amount of time, Brad decided to move his career towards insurance, where he was able to win several awards with Randi.

Becoming Independent

In the fall of 2018, Brad reached out to ASNOA about crossing the line to becoming an independent agent, bringing his wife and staff with him. Though he and Randi were able to help their community through the creation of a non-profit and various other community-focused opportunities, they simply weren’t able to bring that community focus to their clients with the restrictions put on their business from a parent company.
“Our motto is education with options,” he said. “We could provide the education, but not the options we needed to maintain our existing clients. We had no control over the rates or anything else.”

Brad found ASNOA online while researching independent clusters and aggregator options that he had.

“I was really swayed through research on your website,” he said. “[ASNOA] had more information, it really hit the points that someone like me is looking for. You had blogs, good information and edcuation, and that’s how I ended up sending you guys an email requesting a contact.”
After that, he and Randi worked with our Sales Director, Kevin Rigsby, and COO Nick Petrocelli to learn more about the company first hand, including a visit to the company’s offices in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Shortly after, the team at Trophy knew that ASNOA would be their choice going forward to grow their agency. The personalized assistance, support, and ASNOA’s desire to grow and succeed for our agents was what Brad was looking for.
“[Other aggregators] weren’t as hungry as you were for business,” he recalled. “It really felt like you were there to help you through the whole process.”

Officially beginning only last week, Brad, Randi and the rest of his team opened for business and their own independent agency in Mineral Wells, Texas. The marketing team at ASNOA helped Brad and his compaby by creating a website for them that helps highlight his team, the services they provide, and what they are doing in their community. With more carriers, more options, and more support through ASNOA, they know that their agency is only going to grow. We’re all very excited to keep working with Brad and the rest of his team!

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