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10 Business Ideas To Start With

Are you tired of your 9 to 5? Feeling stifled and unmotivated? Do you have a passion for something that is burning to break out? It may be time to be your own boss. There are many opportunities to build your own business, create your own hours and be master of your domain. You just need to know how and where to start. Here are just ten examples of the many business ideas available to get you started.


1. Start your own insurance company.

If you have experience in the insurance industry and a passion for helping people starting an insurance company could be the perfect business for you. Your first primary tasks are obtaining the necessary licensing and honing your sales skills. The insurance industry is one that is largely recession proof but you need the personality and know how to successfully build your client base. The good news is you can utilize resources such as ASNOA for most of the heavy lifting. ASNOA is a systematic support system for independent agencies and offers support for things like accounting, training, and agency services.


2. Build crafts into a business.

If you are able to create crafts that your family and friends are all clamoring for, make these creations into a business. There are a plethora of platforms that you can choose from to display and sell your work. Etsy is probably one of the most popular and easy to use. Etsy does not have membership fees but does charge 20 cents per listing and takes 3.5% of your sales. This percentage is usually far less than what you would pay if you were trying to sell your items in a brick and mortar store with expenses such as rent, staff, and utilities. You can also partner with stores in your community to sell your items and take advantage of farmers markets and other community selling opportunities.


3. Make money as the middle man.

If you are always finding the best items at weekend yard sales or are an expert thrift store treasure hunter, make the most of it. Take the goodies that you find, clean them up and resell them. You can charge a premium for your skill in finding affordable treasures and any cleaning done. If you have an eye for clothes, discovering discounted name brand items for resale is usually a good strategy. Perhaps you are a woodworker that can spot a valuable piece of furniture and can turn your eye and expertise into a money maker. Find your shopping strength and use it to build a business.


4. Sell your skillset.

Think about your previous work history and identify your skillset. If you have worked for a marketing company perhaps you have graphic design experience. If you are have worked as a bookkeeper you may be a Quickbooks expert. Look at your previous experience and identify skills and information that may be valuable to others. You can then build a business around those skills. You can take on independent contractor work for short or long term jobs that are tailored to your expertise.


5. Go gigs.

Gigs are typically a more short term way to leverage your skillset. For instance, if you are a photographer, platforms like FOAP could help sustain a business. FOAP has created a marketplace of photos where shoppers can purchase an image you have posted. Each purchase will garner you five dollars. This can be a slow way to earn money, especially in competitive markets so if you are going the gig route, don’t stop there. Research similar sites such as fiverr,, gigbucks and more all of which have viable opportunities to make money. Don’t limit yourself to just one site if your skillset or product could extend to others. Get creative and branch out to make gig work financially sustainable.


6. Teach.

Build a business as a source of information. This can take on many different forms depending on your area of expertise. If you are multilingual you can establish a business around teaching language skills. Something like this could be done in person or online. Creative writing, mathematics, job skills, resume writers, medical billing, the list of fields that need excellent teachers is endless.


7. Make your hobby your business with the help of social media.

Take your joy and share it. Whether you love to cook or dance or anything in between if you can get enough people to enjoy it with you, you can make money. There are some obvious tactics for social media business building such as posting on Youtube, which will pay after a certain number of views. Then there are more creative ways to leverage media channels such as Trap Kitchen. Two former gang members used Instagram to take pictures of the food they created and built a to go order hub out of their home. Using Instagram to display and promote the daily food offerings has made this a deliciously lucrative business.


8. Market someone else’s business as a business.

Use your networking skills or social media savvy to help promote other people’s businesses. Whether you are a former newscaster or journalist or a twenty something who has 500,000 followers, if you are a connector with a following, you have the ability to leverage your network for profit. If you can promote others consistently and meet their goals, you have the ability to build a business that focuses on promoting other people’s brands.


9. Start a sewing and alteration business.

While this may seem a bit old school compared to some of the suggestions here, it is still a viable and potentially profitable business. If you have sewing and design skills you can jumpstart a business with minimal overhead costs.


10. Crowdfund.

If your business idea simply can’t be achieved without expensive startup costs, reach out to the community for support and financing. Crowdfunding allows you to reach out to a wide network of people and ask for financial support. Crowdfunding can give you the initial capital you need to get your business off the ground and running.


Regardless of your talent or skillset if your passion is to be your own boss and make a business, don’t let anything stop you. If you have the drive to make it happen, the tools to create and build a thriving business are out there, you just need to know where to look.

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