Market yourself as an Insurance Agent

How to Market yourself as an Insurance Agent

Marketing yourself and your business can be tough in any industry, especially as an insurance agent. Many people are not regularly shopping for insurance, so it’s not in the forefront of their mind on a daily basis. In addition, there are tons of agents out there, but luckily with a few smart moves, you can stand out. Utilizing the internet as well as real world tactics, you can shine above other agents in your area. Being prepared for networking, spending a bit on advertising, and connecting with others in your field are just a few ways to rise above the competition.

There are two basic areas where all marketing can be performed: online and in the real world. Online marketing is a vast area, ranging from websites to social media to press releases and more. Real world marketing is just as vast and includes advertising in the newspaper, networking with potential clients and attending events just to name a few. Many people stay focused on one avenue rather than both, but for those who dig deep into both, there are great rewards.

There are also two basic ways to go about marketing yourself as an insurance agent: professional or personable. The professional approach involves being more serious in your wording and tone when writing web copy, advertisements or any other documents. This also includes speaking in a similar way when working with potential clients. The personable approach is more relaxed and easy going, which helps you relate to the customer in a more authentic way. Most companies market themselves with a mixed approach. If an organization always stays serious with their marketing, they come off as impersonal and out of touch. If they act too relaxed, the customer may wonder why they don’t take their own work seriously.

There are many ways to promote yourself both online and in the real world, both professionally and personally. Here are a few tips:

Prepare an elevator speech

The elevator speech is a quick, concise explanation of who you are, what you offer, and why the customer should shop with you. The name comes from the idea that you should always be ready to sell yourself if you were to ever be in an elevator with someone you want to work with and only have a little bit of time to sell yourself to them.

A good elevator speech includes one sentence that boils down everything you are offering and why your product or services is the best. It also includes a sentence or two of explanation, such as the basics of signing up a new client for your insurance services. The goal is to explain yourself quickly, clearly and in a way that makes the person want to know more.

Sell to family and friends

Sometimes when people start their own business or become an agent, they feel awkward talking about their work with family and friends. However, they could be a great resource of new clients. If you are already connected to them, they know you’re a good person and will take care to do good work for them.

Even if your family members or friends do not need insurance services right now, they may need them in the future. They may also know other people who are in need of your services and can refer their extended network to you. The more connections you make, the better.


Another way to make more connections is networking. Every city and every industry have a wide range of networking opportunities, including industry-specific mixers, speaking events, and general networking groups. Visit a few of these meetings and get to know people. Notice how they talk about their work when they sell themselves to you.

While networking is a great way to find potential clients, be sure to not be too pushy. Most people just want to chat with others and hear about what they do, not necessarily listen to a long-winded sales pitch. Share about what you do and take note of their interest level. If they want to learn more, share more about how you can help them as their insurance agent.

Online Marketing Tools

There is an endless number of tools online for marketing your business and more coming every day. Create a “Google My Business” page so those who search for insurance agencies can find you and your contact information. Create a quality website with detailed content about your business and what you offer. Create social media pages and share interesting things about your work and your life with those who are interested. Buy paid advertising on any of the major websites that sell ad space. All of these tools can help you grow your business.

Referrals Make a Difference

Finally, one of the best ways to get ahead as an insurance agent is to retain the clients you already have. They came to you and stayed with you for a reason, so find out why with a survey. Keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis. Some of the best leads you can receive will be referrals from your current client base. If you maintain adequate relationships with your current clientele, the process of asking for referrals will be a natural conversation. The personable approach can mean all the difference.

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