holidays can help business

How holidays can help your business

Instead of maintaining a business as usual attitude around the holidays, embrace them and demonstrate the values and quality of the services and products you have to offer.  Carefully crafted insurance marketing during the holidays can be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the season and build your business at the same time.

Appreciate and acknowledge your existing clients

Make a small but personal gesture for your current clients.  Retaining and nurturing your existing client relationships is always good business.  Sometimes insurance agencies can get caught in a cycle of continually new leads at the expense of their current clientele.   Take advantage of the gift-giving portion of the holiday season to remind your existing customers that you value and appreciate them.  Something as small as a personalized holiday card or batch of cookies can make a lasting impression.  If you decide to send a token of appreciation out to your clients, here are a couple tips to make the most of your holiday gift giving:

  1. Make it personal

This can be as simple as signing the card by hand or writing a line or two wishing your client and their family a happy holiday.  Take a few minutes to make your gift personal.  Use family members individual names whenever possible and take advantage of your knowledge of your clients to make it personal.  For instance, if you know Mrs. Smith adores her two Labradoodles and considers them her children, include them in your well wishes on the card.  You will want to avoid generic, pre-stamped cards that dozens of other companies send out.

  1. Sincerely demonstrate your gratitude

Clients appreciate being thanked for their business and trust.  Take this season as an opportunity to do just that.  Don't try to upsell or ask for referrals, just express your thankfulness.  You can similarly send a note of thanks to previous clients for their past business.

This is a simple gesture that also serves as a subtle reminder you are still available should they ever need your services in the future.

  1. Consider something long lasting

While cookies are delicious and usually a holiday hit, they can vanish quickly with little or no fanfare.  Consider giving them in a decorated tin or on a personalized plate, that includes your logo or business information.  Items that can be reused and kept will help make a long-lasting impact.

While all these items take time and effort, the relationship building is well worth the benefits.  The holiday season is a festive opportunity to nurture your current business and continue to grow your client relationships.

Help people get through the holidays

Another impactful marketing opportunity is demonstrating your subject matter knowledge and specifically how you can help people during this challenging season.  The holidays are a time for joy and family but many people also find themselves under a lot of stress.  Demonstrate your expertise by creating checklists or how to videos for your website and/or social media to help people handle the holiday.  Nearly 51 million Americans traveled over Thanksgiving this year. That is a wide audience of people who may need your help to make their holiday less stressful.  Travel insurance and what is and isn’t included in standard home and auto policies are all perfect topics to help educate consumers on what types of insurance they might need.  You could also discuss why it is important to insure newly acquired holiday gifts such as jewelry or electronics and how easy it is to add these items to an existing policy.  The holidays offer a plethora of opportunities to explain your services and prove how people are able to benefit from your products.

Stress the Savings

Do you know of a single person who would pass up a little extra shopping money this season? No, I do not know either.  Market to the need to save.  Offer to price compare existing coverages and review where savings may be available.  Explain that sometimes people are over insured or double insured and provide a complimentary review of existing coverage.  Let prospective shoppers know you may be able to take money from their insurance bill and add it to their holiday wish list.

Get Involved

This is the time of year for giving.  Host a toy drive, a food drive or get involved in a community cause that you are passionate about. Acting as a sponsor for charitable causes will often include an advertising benefit, but being an active member of your community can have benefits that stretch much further.  Working beside people for the betterment of others is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, help support your community and build your business.  The connections you make while supporting a worthy cause can develop into networking and business relationships as well as referral sources.  Being a trusted and involved member of your community will reflect your dedication to serving others in the town or city your live in and help inspire trust.

When strategizing your marketing campaign, the holidays shouldn’t be avoided or ignored.  They provide a unique opportunity to adapt your approach and demonstrate just how helpful your services can be. Tis the season to market to those who need you and to build trust and goodwill for all.

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