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Nationwide Financial Services Inc. announced in April 2018 that they're shifting to independent agency distribution model and many agents are worried how these changes may affect their commissions. Download more information on this change and ways to combat future competition, for the long-term growth. With the Big Carrier model possibly shifting, and as an agent, you need to seek strategic advice now. ASNOA is here to anticipate that change works in your favor. We are ready to tackle the challenges ahead with those agencies within our network.

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Agents With ASNOA Experience Growth

As an independent insurance agency network with individualized support our agents enjoy admirable results. One of our agents, Sharon Robles attests to her success:

“I have been a captive agent for almost 20 years now, but the past year was the best in my life as an independent agent, thanks to ASNOA and their wonderful opportunity. I got a chance to better serve my clients, more choices, and competitive insurance products. There were more carriers to choose from and better commissions as well. Most importantly, there was much respect and appreciation for me as an agent and what I was bringing to the organization. For excellent support network, choose ASNOA.”  Sharon Robles from Sharon Robles Agency, LLC

What Makes ASNOA The Best
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  • We help agents grow their business via direct carrier industry, marketing support, one on one trainings, and devoted customer service. 
  • With our business automation tools using cutting-edge technology, can focus on your clients rather than day to day operations
  • You will have access to over 40 carriers to maintain diversity options for your clients
  • Due to our network’s premium volume, ASNOA negotiates higher commissions for agents to obtain a larger profit share
  • ASNOA ensures agents have the look and feel of a million-dollar revenue agency by providing the resources, assistance, and the right carrier mix.
  • We are passionate experts at ASNOA and help agencies’ profitability with individualized support  we give you a competitive edge to increase sales. 
ASNOA has a referral program which you can use to welcome your fellow agents to the network. We offer top-tier profit sharing agreements without frustrating carrier minimums. We offer a transparent process because we know you are working to grow and earn your business. While you represent more carriers, you will still have true ownership of your business book as you enjoy leveraged automation and operate as a paperless agency. Make the right move. Join ASNOA!

The future is not certain but by making the right decisions we can affect the outcome and as an agent, you can change the course of your life by being up-to-date with the latest trends and find a network that will train you and give you access to assets that will help you grow. One of those networks is ASNOA which stands out the rest for its individualized training instead of shifts. Moreover, we prepare you for basics catered to you so that you can face the industry with might and confidence. 

ASNOA Has The Best Guide Every Agent Needs to Study And Go Independent.