Burr Ridge, IL: On behalf of the entire Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA), we would like to
proudly announce the retirement of Barb Strehmann, Chief Financial Officer. Barb was the very first
employee hired as we began Allegiance and ASNOA in 2003. As a result, it is with heavy hearts that we
part ways with Barb but, we are elated for her to start the next segment of her life with family and
Barb began at ASNOA as the Manager of Accounting and subsequently was elevated to Comptroller and
then to her current position as CFO of the ASNOA Group of Companies in January of 2016. At her
retirement, the Accounting Department had six employees under her leadership.
Barb was a key contributor to the success of Allegiance and ASNOA; as well as a professional, dedicated
and dependable employee. She was as a joy to work with and her “can do” attitude was contiguous to
everyone around her.
“Barb was truly a special woman, her passion for her job, our company & fellow employees guided
myself and many others to instill the same pride and ownership in our own work and relationships.
Personally, being able to work beside Barb for many years was a blessing and I can attribute many of my
professional qualities to her tutelage. She will be missed as a key clog in our wheel and I can’t thank her
enough for her countless contributions to our company and team. Most of all, her huge heart and warm
smile will be immeasurably missed. Thanks, from all of us at ASNOA for being the first and one of the
most important members of our team.” Nick Petrocelli, COO of ASNOA Services, LLC.
“Barb has been a mentor since my first day at ASNOA. I actually changed my major from Business
Administration to Accounting because of Barb. If it wasn’t for her years of experience and all the tips
and tricks that she has taught me, I wouldn’t be where I am at today,” said Anthony Rossini,
Comptroller of ASNOA Services, LLC. “I owe a lot of what I have thanks to Barb; she truly taught me
what it takes to thrive in a position. I don’t think anyone would disagree that Barb was always the
hardest working and most dedicated employee to her work. She truly loved her job and she made it easy
to work under her for so many years because of her passion for her work.”
“We cannot simply express the magnitude for which Barb meant to our organization,” said Joe Kobel,
Co-Founder and Principal of ASNOA Services, LLC. “Over the 15 years she worked for us. She helped to
put the infrastructure in place which allowed us grow our several companies to the level we are today.”
“I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have worked closely with
Barb and to her contributions to the success of ASNOA. She showed unparalleled loyalty to ASNOA and
to the advancement of her employees. In addition, she was instrumental in implementing the
procedures and protocols essential to the efficient operation of ASNOA’s accounting, budgeting and
financial reporting. She also helped to set up the human resources functions of our growing company. I
wish you good health and much joy in retirement as you will have more time to spend with your
children and grand-children,” said Ray Petrocelli, Co-Founder and Principal of ASNOA Services, LLC.
“The best to you and your family.”
In her retirement, Barb will be enjoying more time to dedicate to her volunteer activities at Saint Linus in
Oak Lawn, IL where she serves as Treasurer for the school.
About ASNOA Services, LLC: The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is the go-to independent
insurance agency network that assists captive agents looking to transition into owning their own
business and current independent agents looking to grow their book of business. ASNOA does this
through direct carrier access, industry specific training, marketing support and business automation,
using cutting-edge technology and devoted customer service. ASNOA takes care of vital backroom
functions so affiliates can spend more time doing what they love: selling insurance.

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