ASNOA Announces New Partner

Brian Bradley, Covenant Insurance Service LLC, Joins ASNOA as an Agency Partner
Burr Ridge, IL: Local community man becomes Principal Agency Partner for the Agent Support Network of
America (ASNOA). As a Partner, Brian Bradley, Owner of Covenant Insurance Service, LLC, will act as the main
agency contact for ASNOA’s territory in Nebraska. Brian will be responsible to recruit new agents, raise
awareness about ASNOA, cultivate relationships and act as the main liaison with local carriers.
ASNOA Partners are selected because of their long-time history in the industry and proven track record of
success building a prosperous agency. Becoming an Agency Partner, like Brian, allows agents to take their
career to the next level, acting as a mentor sharing knowledge and expertise to other aspiring independent
agents in the area.
“I have yet to meet anyone who dreams about becoming an insurance agent when they grow up, but I love the
fact that I grew up to be just that,” said Brian. “Prior to joining the ASNOA family, I was a captive agent for seven
years and had previous experience in the non-profit world working with children and families. My partner Stan
and I opened up Covenant Insurance Services as an ASNOA Affiliate Agency and it has been one of the best
decisions we ever made professionally.”
“I originally joined ASNOA because of the reputation of the people I already knew in their network,” said Brian.
“For years I wondered what it would be like on this side, and I quickly learned that I didn’t have to do it alone.”
“The ASNOA advantage has given me the best of both [captive and independent] worlds. I have a team of highly
qualified professionals to help when I need them and leading industry contracts that allowed us to hit the
ground running,” continued Brian. “I’m thankful and excited about becoming a partner with ASNOA and the
potential to grow our already phenomenal agency network.”
Ray Petrocelli, Principal Co-Owner of ASNOA, stated: “We could not be happier to welcome Brian to the ASNOA
family as a Principal Agency Partner. We believe he will be a vital addition to the team and help to guide newer
independent agents as they grow their business. At ASNOA, our focus is to provide resources and support that
help agents grow their revenue.”
Brian lives with his wife Maralee with six kids, four adopted and two biological. The family loves living in Lincoln,
NE and stays very involved in issues surrounding foster care and adoption.
About ASNOA: The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is an insurance agency aggregate that assists
captive and independent agents make the transition to the independent world by providing direct carrier
access and a proven customer service system. ASNOA takes care of vital backroom functions so affiliates can
spend more time doing what they love: selling insurance. ASNOA’s mission is to help agents grow their business
through cutting-edge technology, training and support.

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