Who attends our conferences?

Our events bring a wide range of attendees, from independent agents, to carriers, to vendors who can help increase your business.

Here's what some of our attendees had to say about our events.

"Everyone provides insightful information of new things coming and new platforms. Along with that it is always nice to get a refresher on certain things providers or systems do that may have been forgotten!"

Mitch Southwell
Southwell Insurance Agency, LLC

"I have attended this event since we started with Asnoa, and each year I pick up something new. always worth attending. Nice job to all parties who put it together."

Patrick Temesvary
Illinois Metropolitan Insurance Agency, LLC

"Since I've been here it's a great avenue for people to get to know other people, for affiliates to get to understand us, and how we operate, and a great way to showcase what you can do for everybody."

Elisa Stampf
Senior Sales Representative, The Hartford

"The ASNOA Conference is a great opportunity for us to market. You can put a lot of faces to names and reach out to producers. It's always great to see the ASNOA staff as well. We always love coming here and we'll be back next year."

Neil Piacenti
Vice President, Echelon

"Spending time with each insurance representative is so valuable! I'm constantly learning more about what they can do, or what they're good at."

Joe Seitzer
Homeland Insurance Group, LLC

"When you ask a question, your answer was readily available — you didn't have to wait for an email back or phone call. I thought all the presenters a very good job."

Matthew Nicholson
Jansick Insurance Group, LLC

"It's a great opportunity to meet with the carriers, discuss their products, what they can write for you, what they can't, talk about what their expectations are. And it's a blast! You can get a lot of free stuff."

Laura Houlihan
Laura Houlihan Insurance Agency, LLC

"It's refreshing to get away from the day-to-day operation and pick up some fresh new ideas."

Gary Price
Gary L. Price Agency, LLC

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