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The People Working for You

ASNOA can help agencies maintain a good blend of carrier and product options to meet a diverse set of client needs. Due to ASNOA’s premium volume, our network can offer agents top tier profit sharing agreements and enhanced compensation packages without the frustrating carrier minimums.


Ray Petrocelli, CLU, ChFC

Founder & Co-Owner

Ray is an industry-leading innovator in the areas of agency development, business management and agent training. Along with his professional designations, he has a background in Business Management and Accounting.

He has authored articles and spoken throughout the United States to insurance professionals on the following topics: building sales and your bottom line, cross-selling, developing marketing strategies, leveraging technology to grow your agency, agent recruiting and managing a diverse and dispersed independent agent network.

He has utilized his industry knowledge and business experience to establish new standards of excellence for agency and agent development.

Above all, he is most proud of his 36 years of marriage, his four children—two of whom hold key Management Positions within the ASNOA network — and his six grandsons.

Joe Kobel

Founder & Co-Owner

For over 30 years, Joe was a perennial top producer . Over this span of time, Joe has used his own experience to help other agents realize and achieve their production goals. Leveraging his knowledge, Joe is an experienced liaison between numerous carriers, accomplishing favourable commissions and enhanced bonus structures.


Anthony Rossini


• Partner Reports - BOB/Production
• Bonus Payments
• Wholesale Business, Agency Bills
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 235
D: 630.908.4235

JJ Janik

Accounting Manager

• Producer Reports
• Deduction Statements
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 214
D: 630.908.4214

Erin Mulligan

Junior Accountant

• Commission Statements
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 269
D: 630.908.4269

Nicole Ramaglia

Junior Accountant

• Commission Statements
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 295
D: 630.908.4295

Bonnie Merlos

Junior Accountant

• Commission Statements
 [email protected]
 P: 866.484.9849

Patrick James

Junior Accountant

• Commission Statements
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 236
D: 630.908.4236


Michael Petrocelli

Vice President Agency Services & Profit

• Agent On-Board Processing
[email protected]
P: 317.733.6341

Kyle Kuchenbecker

Agency Services Analyst

• EPIC Data Input for New Agents
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 215
D: 630.908.4215

Joanna Koscielak

Agency Services Manager

• Ezlynx Distribution
• Office Address Changes
• Adding/Removing Licensed Staff
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 216
D: 630.908.4216


Nicholas Petrocelli

Chief Operating Officer

• Partner Recruiting Support
• Affiliate Program & Services Development
• Information Systems Advancement
• Network Strategic Direction
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 233
D: 630.908.4233

Meghan Lang

Marketing & Communications Manager

• Marketing & Communications Strategic Development
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 280
D: 630.908.4280

Daniel Molinero

Communications & IS Assistant

• Corporate Communications for ASNOA
• Social Media Management
• Information Systems Assistance
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 203
D: 630.908.4203


Kathy Bova

Vice President of Education

• ASNOA University
• Training & Resource Development
• Commercial Lines Education
• EPIC TIPS & Videos
• EPIC Live Classrooms
• Small Business Commercial Lines Course
[email protected]
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 226
D: 630.908.4226

Anissa Nunez

IS Training Assistant

• ASNOA University Assistance
• Training & Resource Development

[email protected]
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 279
D: 630.908.4279

Laura Hamilton

Education Manager

• New Affiliate Trainings/EPIC & Ezylynx
• EPIC Workflows, Downloads, Suspense, Management Reports
• Going Paperless
• Ezlynx Workflow Training
•  EPIC TIPS E-Newsletter
• EPIC Training Recorded Videos
•  EPIC Live Weekly Training Sessions
[email protected]
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 237
D: 630.908.4237


Kevin Rigsby

Sales Director

• Strategic Sales Development
•  External Sales
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 202
D: 630.908.4202

Rade Tubic

Business Development Representative

• Strategic Sales Development
•  External Sales
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 202
D: 630.908.4202

Paul Powers

Business Development Representative

• Inside Sales
[email protected]
P: 866.484.9849, ext. 238
D: 630.908.4238