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5 Insurance Agency Marketing Tips You Need Now

Times are changing, and so should your insurance agency marketing strategies. The key to a successful marketing campaign to is to keep in tune with the times, to listen to the needs of the people, to interact with them and to reconfigure your approach. With this in mind, nothing’s better than changing or enhancing your strategies at the coming of the new year.

In addition to the changes you make, two things must remain in place: (1) you must continue providing value and quality to your policyholders and (2) you must build and maintain healthy relationships with your clients. To help boost your relationship with your policyholders, here are five marketing tips for insurance agencies you must try.

1. Clean and Update Your Database

Constantly clean and update your database. This ensures that you only keep “real” clients and reach out to your target. Make sure that you remove unsubscribe requests and any bad data. Do this regularly so that you will not end up having inaccurate data, which is a waste of time, money and effort. Avoid inaccurate data at all costs, as this only leads to unsubscribe requests and spam reports, which in turn affect your reputation towards your e-mail service provider. You wouldn’t want to end up with your account being suspended, would you?

2. Make Use of Social Media

Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are millions of social media users you can target, particularly millennials. But even if almost 90 percent of marketers are utilizing social media, only 30 percent of them really get leads. That is because many of these marketers and agencies don’t converse with their clients. And that is what you should avoid. You must not sound like a robot or an annoying salesman when you reach out to your policyholders through social media. Don’t be like many of marketers and insurance agencies that use social media content and treat their audience or would-be clients as a sounding board or nothing more than a profile on a screen.

Remember, you are interacting with real people. These people have individual insurance needs and concerns. They are not just accounts for you to simply send ads and ideas. Engage with your clients through social media. Communicate with them as normally as possible. Authentic communication is the key. Above all, listen.

3. Use Video

More and more marketers utilize videos in their campaigns. Billions of videos are being viewed every month. No wonder that video content is now gaining popularity among insurance agencies in their marketing strategy. A lot of these marketers say that the number one form of content in terms of efficiency in reaching out to clients is video. However, you must know what videos to post. Know the needs of your audience and post what you think appeals to them. You can post these videos across various platforms like e-mails and social media channels.

The following are some of the basic videos you should post online to enhance your image and to strengthen your relationship with your would-be clients:

• Video introduction of your services
• Informative content about insurance policies and insurance in general
• Testimonials from your loyal policyholders
• Video content on the current trends and updates of the insurance industry

4. Improve E-mail Subject and Content

Your e-mail subject lines are as important as the content. Studies show that a great subject line increases open rates. So aside from creating helpful and relevant content, you must also write catchy email subject lines. It’s the first thing that your receiver sees. So keep it as catchy and appealing as possible. Your primary goal is to have the receiver open your e-mail and not ignore it. You don’t want your well-written content deleted or getting reported as spam. Make sure that you hit the right tone. Make it timely and relevant to the clients. Always improve your e-mail subject lines and content.

5. Be Part of the Community

This might be old-fashioned, but this is still relevant and efficient even in this time of e-mail and social media. Make your presence in the community known. Boost your presence by connecting with community leaders, influencers and business owners in the area. There are various ways of doing this. The following are just some of them:

• Sponsoring local games and activities
• Putting ads in local newspapers
• Holding insurance seminars and similar activities
• Hosting an event

These are just some of the insurance agency marketing strategies you should try. They may not be all that you need to attract more client and to keep your policyholders. But they are enough to keep you on the right track today and the years to come.

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